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Palentis Strategy Healthcare Growth

Growing in Healthcare

France - Europe - Global

We understand the business in healthcare

With a holistic in-depth industry dynamic understanding, we have interacted with hundred of stakeholders in this field. We witnessed environement evolutions from various perspectives in many countries. Each growth challenge is unique and there’s no « one fits all » approach. We are pragmatic and will help you pave your way to success.

We believe in meaningful value

Facts are often « brutal ». We have learnt through succeses and also failures. That makes us ready to commit with you on results.


We will support you assessing your ability to both predict and influence market evolutions to inform and develop your strategic planning.

We will challenge you and help you structure your thinking, ensuring tangible and realistic approaches and balancing between the value expected and associated risks.


We will design and help you structure your external growth roadmap which may or may not include partnership or M&A.


We will design and help you structure your etxernal growth roadmap. This could include in or out licensing, acquisition or divestiture.


We will help you fine tune your value proposition to effectively deploy internally and externally. We will do it through segmention, valuation and repositioning to continuously adjust versus  environment and competition evolutions.

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I founded PALENTIS in 2016 with the willingness to suppot investors and corporations in the development and the deployment of ambitious growth plans in the field of Healthcare and adjacencies.

I am bottom line driven, I source growth opportunities and I engage teams into successful execution of ambitious strategies.


I am obsessed by sense making,  I love innovation and I believe in people, to me, 3 key ingredients for success on our way to improving.

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